Wednesday, 15 February 2012

FOW @ PI Fusionopolis 12 February 2012 (2nd AD vs 1st FJD) Pictures

Here's the photos taken during the game. Sorry it was all taken in those adrenaline rush....
The "Italian" landscape for the game. Notice the Panther turret on your right...Top of the Hill!

The Panther turret wreak havoc as the American tanks rushed through the bridge!

The FJ Platoon guarding the objectives and well dug in!

This was around Turn 4 when both of my 88mm Flaks are destroyed and that annoying Stuart was destroyed by my FJ platoon!

The downed Spitfire is my objective marker : )

US Recon troops on their ardous climb to disable the turret belatedly....

My remaining FJ platoon after destroying the pesky Stuart!

My FJ Pioneer platoon pinned down by artilerry fire.

Overall board picture during turn 2.

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