Monday, 24 October 2011

The Gathering Den of Bears aka My Russian FOW Army

I deliberated painting my Russians but here they are or at least my IC, 2IC and the two platoon commanders. They are being based and later flocked.

I'm used to painting the darker uniforms of the Germans and even their camouflage patterns with my usual black undercoat. But with the Russians, I found out I need a few coats of Vallejo 912 Tan Brown to get an even color. Fortunately, its a single uniform color so I'm not grumbling...

I decided to paint up the SMG teams or at least 4 bases of them. The Udarny Strelkovy set has 8 bases worth of SMG teams but I feel that painting in small packets will prevent me from painter's burnout.

Let's hope this strategy works.
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Monday, 10 October 2011

The Average Ivan

I bought this book at Borders (RIP) @ Wheelock Place.

It is a revealing account of the average Ivans who fought in the Eastern Front 1941-1945. I was astounded with the ruthlessness of the Soviet military as they desperately tried to stem the German invasion.

As they won in Stalingrad, it was still an uphill struggle for the Ivans as they fought the grueling battles against the Germans.

A revealing read as I build up my motivation to paint my strelkovy!

Ivan's war: life and death in the ... - Catherine Merridale - Google Books
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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Russian Scouts (Spetznaz)

After my recent tournament, it got both Baron Eddie and myself thinking of having an evil nemesis for our oh so heroic German armies.

*cue soviet marching songs*
So ww decided to have a Russian army. It was an old idea months back when I bought an Engineer Sapper army from BF. Due to the preponderance of miniatures to be painted, the project went on hiatus...till now.

So I started small. A Soviet scout team painted and based. Will flock it soon.

Onwards *Tovaritsch*!
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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Monday, 3 October 2011

PI FOW Tournament 2011 @ Connexis, Fusionopolis, 02 October 2011

It was a nice Sunday as we came down to play in the FOW tournament at Connexis, Fusionopolis hosted by my gaming store, Paradigm Infinitum (PI).
We had the unforeseen news of a sudden pullout of several players due to a last minute event.
But the show must go on and we realise it was pretty much a German affair(80% of the players brought German lists!).

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Command Team with Panzerknacker

Painted a command team equipped with Panzerknacker. It will be used for my pseudo gebirgsjager platoon.

Gebirgsjager are more or less equipped as normal Grenadiers. So you can actual use normal Grenadier stands.

The cool thing is that gebirgjagers counts as a FJ platoon instead of as allies. I hope to use them as either a blocking force or harassing unit in my army list.
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