Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Panzerkompanie (Grey Wolf) FOW List 1750 points Part II

Still tweaking the list as the weekend approaches. My previous list was mentioned here.
I'm wrestling with the fact on how many Panthers shall I bring on the board. (unfortunately, I have only 4 painted Panthers and my strategy is limited by those numbers...)

Due to its high points, it's quite apparent I will be lacking platoon numbers and may become a glass fist instead of an iron fist.

Another change will be the change from the initial StugIIIG to the ubiquitous Panzer IVH which features the LW paper thin FA 6 against StugIIIG FA 7. On the other hand, an extra MG is quite handy if the tank platoon needs to root out dugged-in infantry. There's long threads in FOW forums on which tank to be chosen as the main choice. I don't wish to be caught in that argument.
But the fact that FOW Grey Wolf amended the pointage for StugIIIG to be 5 points higher than Panzer IVH may tilt in favor of the Panzer IV.

Paper thin FA? No problem...shoot and scoot!

For the fun part, I decided to bring in the JU-87 Stukas for the game since I want to show that the Luftwaffe is still flying around and not drafted to ill-trained Luftwaffe Field Divisions!

Tankbusters Anybody?

I will decide on a finalized list by Friday. But food for thought, 1 Panther = 2 Panzer IVH.
Numbers versus Quality?

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