Thursday, 24 May 2012

May Tournament List - Kampfgruppen Balck (Part 2)

I was sprucing my army list and decided to present a flavorful army organisation chart to the judges.

I always had been a Grossdeutschland Division fan and impressed with their nickname "The Fuhrer's Fire Brigade" for their actions in the Eastern Front.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Watch "The German War Files - Panzer - Germany's Ultimate War Machine (1/4)"

You might be bored painting up your FOW minis and need a break.

Watch a video about panzers would be a good way to ease off. Or get the motivation to paint.

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Monday, 21 May 2012


I normally troll around the Internet and read up nice blogs.

But I am quite impressed with MILITARY ART OF DMYTRO ZGONNIK whose author is based in Bila Tserkva, Ukraine.

He is one of the military artists for Concorde military books and he is DAMN good!

Here's some of his works below.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

May Tournament List - Kampfgruppen Balck

I will be playing in a local FOW tournament on 27 May 2012.
There will be 3 mission in all which each round decides your next opponent and ultimately the winner.

The missions are :

1. Free For All
2. Hasty Attack
3. Encounter

I have always been an infantry player but since majority of the missions are quite mobile in nature, I have decided to play a Panzer Kompanie List from Grey Wolf sourcebook.

I decided to create a fluff history for my Kampfgruppen based on one of my favourite German unit, Grossdeutschland Panzergrenadier Division.

MapSymbs Homepage

I was looking around on how to spruce my FOW army list for my tournament.
And I had always loved looking at those Osprey books with those military symbols on the map.

So it struck me that I should try to find out where I can get my hands on it somehow.
That's where I stumble Tom Mouat's website MapSymbs.

I absolutely loved it! It has many military symbols which includes WW2 German map symbols.
I am using it to spruce my submission of my army list!

I'm adding the website to my links as can click HERE

Friday, 18 May 2012

Completed PSC Panthers (D, Mid Production)

It's been a short while and I did complete the second box of PSC Panthers.

I had modeled them as Panther D (Mid Production) this time and this platoon will take part in my upcoming May FOW Tournament.

"Panzer" Dan Larson Tactics Articles

I just loved "Panzer" Dan Larson's (AKA Jenka) articles from the FOW threadlists.

Therefore I want anybody who's interested to improve their FOW battle skills to read up his articles.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

German 75mm Infantry Guns & Tank Turrets

Completed and painted a 75mm Infantry Gun platoon and finished up my leftover tank turret defenses.

The IG platoon is quite a cheap way to bulk up your platoon count as well as providing valuable defensive fire during a charge by enemy units over their screening units.

Red Bear Goes to War! May Day Battle Report

I was supposed to post this on 01 May 2012 (May Day) but alas work commitment had swarmed on me. So much for Labor Day : (

But yes, had my opportunity to try out my Udarny list in a Total War Scenario with Tim and aided by another Soviet player, Melvin. Tim ended up playing the whole 3500pts of Germans while Melvin and myself played 1750pts each.

Soviet Bear Resurgence Part 6

Painted up my Soviet Mortar platoon.
Equipped with the universal 81mm (or 82mm for the Soviets) mortar, its main purpose is to pin down enemy guns and infantry before the Udarny company charge into close combat.

I'm too used of having two observers for a mortar platoon if I'm playing Germans. So a single observer will crimp my style a bit and worse they have no smoke shells to cover my infantry approach. We shall see their effectiveness in coming battles for the Motherland!

They are equipped with the 82-PM41developed during the Second World War as an infantry battalion mortar, and which begun production in 1941. Design improvements were subordinated to the technological possibilities of production and directed toward the reduction in the weight of mortar, labour expenses of its production and improvement in the manoeuvrability characteristics.