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May Tournament List - Kampfgruppen Balck

I will be playing in a local FOW tournament on 27 May 2012.
There will be 3 mission in all which each round decides your next opponent and ultimately the winner.

The missions are :

1. Free For All
2. Hasty Attack
3. Encounter

I have always been an infantry player but since majority of the missions are quite mobile in nature, I have decided to play a Panzer Kompanie List from Grey Wolf sourcebook.

I decided to create a fluff history for my Kampfgruppen based on one of my favourite German unit, Grossdeutschland Panzergrenadier Division.

So Kampfgruppen Balck was bornt with Hauptmann Sebastian Balck, a typical Eastern Front commander commanding this battle group against all enemies or aheemmm wargame exercise rivals.

Grossdeutschland Cuff Band
Grossdeutschland Panzer Regiment Collar Tab Insignia
I decided on the mix of tanks to give me the maximum firepower for a medium tank (Panthers), the anti-infantry capability of the Panzer IVGs and the slightly up-armored Stugs to harass any Allied tanks foolish enough to show their flanks.

For lack of recon units, I am forced to use my old motorcycle scouts as a recon unit and decided the commander should have a panzerfaust to scare away armored units. But more importantly in V3 Recon trooops are much more versatile and able to stand their ground against enemy fire. Their additional role is to provide the ability to remove GTG and ambush units. Or hope they will do that.

Since I didn't select any Air units, I decided to get some Anti Aircraft units for my tanks which would be the Quad 20mm AA Flak Armored Halftracks which gives any aircraft something to think about if they wish to attack ground targets.

Finally, I guess I will need some smoke template to cover my movement and the 150mm Nebelwerfers is just type of units I need, cheap and large smoke template!

I hope to have additional fluff written out before the tournament but here's my list for the tournament.

Comments are all welcome!

Panzer Regiment "Großdeutschland"!
Elements of II Battalion, 1st and 2nd Company
PanzerKompanie HQ - 1x CIC Panzer IVH, 1x 2iC Panzer IVH 180
2nd Zug, 1st Company
Compulsory Panther Platoon - 1x Command Panther A, 2x Panther A 560
2nd Zug, 2nd Company
Compulsory Panzer Platoon - 1x Command Panzer IVH, 2x Panzer IVH270
Sturmgeschütz (Assault Gun) Battalion "Großdeutschland"
2nd Battery
Panzer Platoon - 1x Command StuG G or StuG IV, 3x StuG G or StuG IV 380
Panzer Aufklärungs (Armoured Reconnaissance) Battalion "Großdeutschland"
3rd Recon Squadron
Panzer Scout Platoon - 1x Command Motorcycle MG, 3 x Motorcycle MG 145
- Command Upgrade - 1x Upgrade Command Motorcycle MG to Command Motorcycle SMG Panzerfaust 10
Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion "Großdeutschland"
6th Battery
Panzer Anti-Aircraft Gun Platoon - 1x Command Armoured Sd Kfz 7/1 (Quad 2cm) Half-track, 1x Armoured Sd Kfz 7/1 (Quad 2cm) Half-track
Artillery Regiment "Großdeutschland"
IV Battalion, 12th Battery, 
Rocket Launcher Battery - 1x Command SMG, 1x Observer Rifle, 1x Kubelwagen, 3x 15cm NW41 rocket launcher 105
6 Platoons1750

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