Monday, 20 October 2014

And more reinforcements have arrived!

Pleasantly surprised with Warlord efficiency in despatching my order within 4 days.

Received my Russian orders which consist of a mixed bag of models that I need to upgrade from 500 pts to 1000 pts.

Same time, got myself a Tamiya 1/48 JS-2 tank kit from a local hobby store, together with some spray cans and a Russian tank colors reference book. (And all I wanted was the tank... 😯)

Still painting my Russian infantry whenever I have spare time. Thank goodness is plain ol' khaki grey and not some complicated camouflage scheme!

My intention is too play my first BA game with at least a painted up 500 pts army. I'm still pondering the options to use in a 500 pts list.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

FOW King Tigers Painted!

Painted up three King Tigers from Battlefront (FOW) about two weeks ago.

Though only 1500 King Tigers were manufactured, they caused awe when they appear on the battlefield.

Opted for the ambush camouflage scheme though Tamiya Desert Yellow is tad too bright.

For those history buff, you can read up here.

Painting Up Russians

Primed them and slowly painting PSC 28mm Russians in summer uniform.

Slowly dawned to me the Russians are wearing pre 1943 uniforms since they are missing the shoulder boards but I can guess not all Russian units were dressed the same even by 1945.

Slow and steady it goes....

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Bolt Action is here!

Well the parcel has arrived!

Got my starter set with additional BA stuff...mostly Germans.

The starter set has good complement of terrain and miniatures though I would have expected better pin markers.

Surprisingly the Hanomag comes with vehicle decals unlike some other products.

Time to slowly paint up...