Thursday, 15 March 2012

Panzer Brigades - The Shattered Mailed Fist

The Panzer-Brigades were created to deal with the mounting critical situations at the Eastern Front, especially after the collapse of large sections of the front and the staggering losses of the summer of 1944. Originally these units were designed for deployment in the East, but the lack of effective German tank forces and the urgency of the situation in the West were on the basis of the decision to move them to counter the fast Allied advance in September 1944.

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This is the Organisation Chart of the 111th Panzer Brigade (as per which had participated in the ill-fated Battle of Arracourt. They were so badly mauled up by the US forces that it was disbanded and merged to the 11th Panzer Division.

For a more accurate assessment of the 111th Panzer Brigade during the Battle of Arracourt, you can refer to

Formed: September 4th, 1944
Composed of:

2111th Panzer Battalion
1 Staff Platoon
1 Panzer Flak Platoon
3 Medium Panzer Companies (Mk V)
2111th Sturmgeschutz Company
1/16th Panzer Regiment
1 Panzer Staff Company
3 Medium Panzer Companies (Mk V)
1/2/2111th Panzer Grenadier Regiment
2111th Brigade Support Units
2111th Armored Reconnaissance Company
2111th Flak Company
2111th Sturmgeschutz Battalion
Fate: Disbanded and intergrated into the 11th Panzer Division in October, 1944.

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