Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Review of Flames of War Version 3

I have not received the hardcover copy of Version 3 but BF had announced the various changes to the game system.
Firstly, my article is more a personal observation rather than a "rules lawyer" rant.
Secondly, I just felt to interpret the changes compared to Version 2.
I feel that some rules are timely and based on players’ feedback but some are more likely the “flavor” change. All in all, it’s a good to have Version 3 onboard!

Inspiration - Panzers

A YouTube video to inspire anybody to play Panzers! need to paint them as well!!

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Panthers, O Panthers, Thou have arrived!

Well at least they arrived at my local gaming store PI. After my recent experience with PSC, I'm quite delighted to handle these babies!

With each box having 5 Panthers at such a good price (its 17.50 GBP per box as per PSC website) you can have a good LW Panzerkompanie in FOW by buying 2 boxes of them.

A feared tank on FOW board since they wield that goody 75L/70 gun that can pierce most Allied tanks and able withstand most frontal AT shots in return!

The cons?

Expensive comparable to most medium tanks and watch out for flanking shots. Oh...never try to assault bazooka toting infantry since all shots will be on its thin Side armor.

Time to try some Panther tactics!

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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sd Kfz 251D WIP

These half tracks are from Plastic Soldier Company which are churning good quality plastic 15mm vehicles.

Ever thought of playing a fully mechanized Grenadier army but was deterred by the cost of buying the APCs? Well the Plastic Soldier Company had conveniently solved my dilemma.

The parts are well moulded and had many spare bitz. I had assembled a box of them (5 vehicles per box) in about total 3-4 man hours in a leisurely pace.

I am going to attach the balkenkreuz first before I decide on the camouflage pattern. More pics to follow up.

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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Flames of War Version 3

With all the hype of V3 is coming, I do wonder what changes will it bring?

I hope to throw in my judgement as well but here's the official link to the changes that are implemented in V3.

Have a blast reading!


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FOW @ PI Fusionopolis 12 February 2012 (2nd AD vs 1st FJD)

After a short hiatus, I decided to bring my FJ army for a spin at my local gaming store PI.
Since I'm such a lazy git, I decided to use a similar list as my last FOW tournament albeit with some subtle changes. Here's the list played at 1750 points.

FOW @ PI Fusionopolis 12 February 2012 (2nd AD vs 1st FJD) Pictures

Here's the photos taken during the game. Sorry it was all taken in those adrenaline rush....
The "Italian" landscape for the game. Notice the Panther turret on your right...Top of the Hill!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Fallschirmjager kicks off 2012

It's been a short hiatus with many year end stuff and work... :(

So decided to go off for my first 2012 FOW session!

So to kickstart my FOW season, here's a Fallschirmjager training video from YouTube.

Will update you on the game later!

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