Saturday, 28 July 2012

Dust Warfare : Heavy Kommandotrupp

Painted up several miniatures since my last update but I wish to post in this blog consistently, therefore I will be spacing out my posts for each of my minis that are painted.

The Schewer Sturmgrenadiere Command Squad are the command troop of Schewer Grenadier list aka heavy infantry list of the Axis army.

They are Soldier 3 encased in heavy armor, armed with twin MG44 machineguns as well as a Fliegerfaust (i.e. an anti-air weapon which launch six missiles to aerial targets).

Heavy Kommandotrupp

The Heavy Recon Grenadiers are anti-infantry units armed with twin MG44s and will mow down any infantry units to bits. Encased in Soldier 3 armor, they should be able to survive light arms fire. But I do wonder being quiet can they be with all those equipment jangling around as they move to scout out enemy positions?

One of those "Errr" questions against this game but I shall not digress.
Heavy Recon Grenadiers

I am not a great fan of using grey color for my Axis army, I decided to use a three colors camouflage of German late war tanks.
Grey is not for my Axis Army!
 I used Vallejo Reflective Green, Middlestone and Chocolate Brown for the camouflage scheme.

As you can see from the pictures below, I still require to base them up. The MG44 are painted in Black Ink since again I more realistic about my weapons' colors than coloring them up metallic silver (e.g. Boltgun Metal!).

The Kommandotrupp's pouches were painted in Khaki and I used Brown ink to provide a washing effect on them since I'm a lazy git in putting layers of highlights.

Schwere Kommandotrupp Painted!
Schnell! Schnell!

The Heavy Recon Grenadiers are painted in the same scheme and painted the ammunition belt with Gold and washed it with Brown Ink. I use a white marker to touch up the Eagle badge on their armor.

Same issue with the Schewer Kommandotrupp, I had not decided on the type of basing to be used for them yet. I am more inclined for the standard woodland basing (flocks of grass and occasional bushes...)

Heavy Recon Grenadiers

You will realise I used a marking from the Grossdeustchland Panzergrenadier Division on them to signify they are a part of a Schewere Aukflarung Kompanie from that famed unit.

Grossdeutschland Marking on his shoulder plate...
3-Digits unit identification were used on the Heavy Recon Grenadiers. The decals were from a Games Workshop Imperial Guard platoon boxed set.

3-Digit Identification Reference..the skull is a "0"
I'm a bit uncomfortable with the fact that for all the fangled armor of the Axis, their scientists had came to the conclusion to arm them with BIG, DANGEROUS....Knives?! for close combat. May I should talk to Paulo Parente or Fantasy Flight Games about this?
Ohhh be very scared...big boys in armor going to stick you with my Bowie Knives!

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