Saturday, 7 July 2012

Dust Warfare : Choosing my Army

I have read through the Dust Warfare Rulebook since my last post and was quite excited with playing the game.

Post-"Reading the Rulebook" thoughts...

But of course you need to start with a faction which currently fields Axis, Allies and the newly introduced faction, SSU (the Soviet Union, China and other Communist blocs).

And this is Dust Warfare time line which means we can throw out the history books of WW2 after 1943 since in this setting, Adolf Hitler (the Fuhrer of Germany) was assassinated and a whole revamped Germany started kicking Allied butts and forced the Soviets on a stalemate in the Eastern Front! And all thanks to the mysterious VK power source!

The World in Dust Warfare setting

The rules itself seems to be quite easy to learn on the fly and has interesting concept of reaction, suppression and orders. Being a tabletop game, the ranges of their weapons may appear to be stunted (88m guns with a 36 inches range...that's about 3 feet and the regular width of a typical tabletop is 4 feet) but hey...that's why it's called a 30mm tabletop game and not anything else!

The army list selection is quite comprehensive though I can't relate the fluff which mentions the missions as ferocious battles being fought out. But if you are playing 400 AP (which was the max recommended AP in the rulebook), you have a total of 3 platoons and I don't think 3 platoons can win the war much less a campaign.

But sincerely, the book tries to be balance off with missions for friendly play and tournament, and a guideline on density of terrain pieces on the table (25%) to avoid the regular whiners of unfair play and blah blah...

And now I have detracted from my original intention...CHOOSING AN ARMY FACTION!

Why Axis?

I played Germans in Flames of War (FOW) due to their flavorful camouflage uniforms and cool tanks such as the Panther and Tigers. Not to mention their historical exploits against the Allied and Soviets during WW2.

With Dust Warfare, my view did not differ too much from FOW, I still dig the German uniforms and the kudos to the model designers and illusrators to be able to fuse WW2 and Sci Fi superbly.

Maybe I have a fetish for Panzerfausts and Stahlhelms?
What a way to top it off with cool walkers for a WW2 geek like me? The walkers had been receiving rave reviews for being nicely moulded and needs very little work to make it look good since they are pre-primed.
Unlike some other game systems which requires assembling and paint, these walkers are marketed to be played right out from the box.

Axis Walkers...Cool merger of WW2 equipment and Sci Fi!
And will get me off to a recruitment drive for Axis? Yes...Weird stuff like....

Gorillas and Zombies!!

So you can see I'm pretty sold to collect an Axis army and I had ordered the initial Axis models to have a 150AP game soon.

I hope to post a 150AP list soon in the future....

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