Saturday, 21 July 2012

Dust Warfare: Axis Specialist (Sniper and Beobachter Teams)

Painted up my Special Ops Grenadiers for my growing Axis army.

As per my previous comments on this Fantasy Flight Games product, it comes pre-primed in grey.

The mould is in good details and comes packaged in nice box art and inner plastic packaging.

The plastic used is a soft type which protects the models from the rough snap if it falls from the gaming table or when your small kids (like mine hehehe...) decides to play toy soldier with them.

Special Ops Grenadiers are deadly squads formed in response to recent devastating losses at Stalingrad. The Sturmgrenadiere Sniper Squad, secretly trained by the Blutkreuz Korps in the heart of the Black Forest, use a highly specialized weapon: the Sniper Gewehr. The Sturmgrenadiere Observer Squad (also known as Beobachter), like their Allied counterpart, is adept at collecting the coordinates needed to guide a devastating artillery strike.

Due to its soft plastic nature the sniper's rifle was bent and though I was using a hair dryer to soften and straighten it up, it still bends at a disappointing way.

Pre-primed in grey 
I painted both teams in the same camouflage as my battle grenadiers (link here) and decided to paint Vallejo Grey Green for their back packs. Typically their rifles were inked in black which I felt is a more realistic color rather than inked metal color as some of their box art was showing.

The Sniper rifle (right) refused to be straighten after some hair dryer time....

 I'm going to use them if I require some artillery support from my walkers and the Beobachter team will come in handy. The Sniper team is very useful against heavy infantry as it ignores the armor and able to bring down command models fast from a good distance away.

It was a fast paint job which I spent about 15-30 mins each day when I come back from work. Enjoyed painting them since I don't really need to pre-clean and prime them.

Will painting other Dust Axis models soon!

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