Monday, 16 July 2012

Dust Warfare: Axis Battle Grenadiers

Got my first Dust Warfare models painted up.

The Battle Grenadiers is one of the basic infantry blocks of the Axis army. They are meant to be the Jack of All Trades equipped with a Panzershreck and Panzerfausts for anti armor, couple with Stg47 assault rifles for the rough and dirty anti personnel role.

They are recruited from the veterans of the German army, which I assumed from the Heer and former Waffen SS units. (in this Dust world setting, most of the Waffen SS soldiers became Zombies!!)

The Boxed Set...

The miniatures came pre-primed in grey and molded from soft plastics which can afford a lot of hard knocks without snapping. Though on the other hand it has the tendency to have odd bends of weapons and ends. It comes package in nice plastic packaging and good box art which is a good selling point by Fantasy Flight Games.

Notice the Panzershreck on the right? Yes...the downside of soft plastics.
Being pre-primed in grey does work for you if you wish to have some of its base color to be in grey. But for me I decided to apply Sumpfmuster 44 camouflage pattern. I should thank Artizan Designs for the link to their painting guide HERE.

I painted in this camouflage pattern to simulate the fact that the Waffen SS was disbanded when Hitler was assassinated in 1943. Therefore only Heer or Luftwaffe camouflage patterns will be retained in the revamped Wehrmacht by 1947.
Sumpfmuster 44 Camouflage

Since the models has very little plastic flash and pre-primed, I find the painting time very fast in my ordinarily fast paced working world. I spend a few hours painting up the 6 figures in Sumpfmuster 44 (without the "rain" pattern) for their jackets and basic field grey for their pants. The belts and boots were painted black.
The weapons (Stg47) were painted with black ink, which blended well with the grey primer. The body armor and helmets were painted Vallejo German Cam. Dark Green and their Panzershrecks / Panzerfausts with Vallejo Middlestone.

Finished Battle Grenadiers...missing the basing
 I finished up painting small details such as their goggles and using Games Workshop Imperial Guard decals to add more details to the unit. I'm still thinking on how to base them.
Off to the front!

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