Sunday, 8 July 2012

Dust Warfare : And They Are Here!

Drop down to my LGS and decided to get myself the basic building blocks of an Axis.
I purchased a box of the PBIs (Poor Bloody Infantry) or to be precise the Kampf Sturmgrenadieren Squad.

Poor Bloody Infantry!

The box has an extra figure that you can upgrade to a tank hunting unit but unfortunately, it applies to Dust Tactics and not Warfare. (quite unsure if they will have a future upgrade for that...)

They do have two nice stats cards but again, it's meant for Dust Tactics and not Dust Warfare.

Close up of our tough veterans!
I'm please with the build and pretty much clean mould lines if compare to other resin or lead figurines in the tabletop wargaming market.

The plastic is of a softer product compared to Games Workshop plastic models which reassures me that any accidental snap will not happen with these models.

All of the models are able to twist their torsos which may add dynamism to it but since they came in only two pieces (upper and lower bodies), there's so much dynamism you can do with them. Well, beats trying to assemble a horde of Imperial Guard which comes in sooo many parts.

The models are pre-primed so you don't meet with any glossy plastics and as I mentioned in my earlier posts, FFG marketed them to be able to be play directly from out of the box onto the tabletop.

Nevertheless, I hope to be able to paint them out and running several camouflage schemes in my head right now.

Will update again when these fellas are painted.

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