Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Panthers, O Panthers, Thou have arrived!

Well at least they arrived at my local gaming store PI. After my recent experience with PSC, I'm quite delighted to handle these babies!

With each box having 5 Panthers at such a good price (its 17.50 GBP per box as per PSC website) you can have a good LW Panzerkompanie in FOW by buying 2 boxes of them.

A feared tank on FOW board since they wield that goody 75L/70 gun that can pierce most Allied tanks and able withstand most frontal AT shots in return!

The cons?

Expensive comparable to most medium tanks and watch out for flanking shots. Oh...never try to assault bazooka toting infantry since all shots will be on its thin Side armor.

Time to try some Panther tactics!

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1 comment:

  1. my 2 boxes of Panthers...

    Time to assemble and paint them another blog post!