Friday, 3 August 2012

Dust Warfare : Axis Gorillas

 What do you get when you put a human brain into a gorilla's body?
Well, you won't get King Kong out of it.
More like Donkey Kong on steroids and there's a whole bunch of them!

Dust Warfare in the alternate WWII setting has some weird technologies inserted into the game based on Paolo Parente's weird WWII world.

And no...the Axis army will not accept any cute Gorilla by the name of Donkey Kong into the Blutkreuz Korps!

Ermm Nope...not Donkey Kong...

Axis Gorillas

Genetically altered for an increased mental capacity, Axis Gorillas also possess both Herculean strength and bestial savagery that they are forced to direct against Allied targets in battle. Their Fast and Climb ability allows them to close up to their enemies fast.

At 24 AP per team, it's quite neither cheap such as the storm grenadiers but not as expensive as the Heavy Troops (typically 30 AP per team.) But if added the Blutkreuz Hero, Markus, any Axis Gorilla units are able to rampage in close combat with nearly anybody the Allies or SSU army can throw to them!

The dynamism of their poses are quite cool as they showed them in motion (typically running towards the enemy...) The models are typically has minimal or else nil flashes and comes primed in grey color.

Gorillas in Motion

I painted two units of Axis Gorillas relatively fast since I just use Vallejo Black Ink to color up their furs and watered a bit on other parts of their bodies to bring out their features.

I used Brass color and inked with Brown Ink for their armored fists. Their tongues were painted red and teeth with Ivory color.

The whole process was very fast and managed to complete their painting within 2 hours for the six models.

I'm quite happy with the results and will be using this method to paint up my other Axis Gorillas and even Markus!


Don’t be surprised to see a pack of enraged gorillas tearing apart an Allied walker with a sickening ease...

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