Thursday, 23 August 2012

Dust Warfare: Axis Laser Grenadiers


Terribly busy at the office and running some chores at home....apart from getting distracted playing

But I managed to paint up another squad of Laser Grenadiers.

Painted up these guys who sports the uber cool laser guns...phew...phew...with their rerolling hits based on hits you gained...they can potentially devastate a charging unit.

But with a poor 12 inches range...they are basically relegated to a counter charge or reactionary unit if you field them.

They were painted a 3-color camouflage akin to the WW2 Italian camouflage pattern. The finishing was satisfactory to me and I used neon green for their goggles.

They will be fielded if I'm going to face any close terrain setup but otherwise, these guys is just going to put in my Axis barracks.

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