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Red Bear Goes to War! May Day Battle Report

I was supposed to post this on 01 May 2012 (May Day) but alas work commitment had swarmed on me. So much for Labor Day : (

But yes, had my opportunity to try out my Udarny list in a Total War Scenario with Tim and aided by another Soviet player, Melvin. Tim ended up playing the whole 3500pts of Germans while Melvin and myself played 1750pts each.

Composition of Armies (to my recollection)

German (Tim)
Heavy Panzer Company (Grey Wolf)
5 x Tiger 1Es (Includes IC)
2 x 37mm Armored Cabs
3 x PzII Luchs

SS Panzer Kampfgruppen (Grey Wolf)
2 x Panzer IVH (IC & 2IC)
1 x Armored Panzergrenadier Platoon
1 x PzIVH platoon (5 tanks)
1 x StugIIIG platoon (4 tanks)
1 x Heavy AT Platoon (3 x 88mm Paks)
1 x 88mm Luftwaffe Flak platoon (in replacement of similar points to Mobelwagons)

Tankovy (Red Bear) [Melvin]
1 x T34/76 (IC)
1 x T34/76 (Komissar)
1 x T34 Platoon (6 tanks - mixture of T34/76 and T34/85)
1 x T34/85 Platoon (6 tanks)
1 x SU100 (5 tanks)
1 x SU152 (3 tanks)

Udarny Stelkovy (Red Bear) [Panzerdaddy]
1 x IC+2IC with Battalion Kommisar
2 x Snipers
4 x AT Rifle teams
5 x Pioneers
1 x Scouts (2 teams)
1 x Strelkovy Company (12 teams)
1 x Strelkovy Company (12 teams)
4 x ISU122 w. Lt Rat
4 x 37mm AA Guns
1 x Limited Air (Sturmovik IL3MTip)

It was a great game as the Soviets tried to battle their way to their objectives. The fact the Soviets tried to creep closer and was discovered ( I rolled a "1" : P) was a portent of what's to come for the Soviets.

Some highlights during the game.

Cluck! Cluck! I Hate Hens&Chicks!
Hens & Chicks rule really crimped the Tankovy list as Melvin realized he can't hit those German veterans unless he stop advancing and lay his tanks in the open against Tim's Tigers. Again and again the Tigers ravaged the T34s advancing the centre and left flank (from our board).

Thank Stalin for those Sturmoviks!
The Red Air Force pilots make their presence felt by interdicting the Germans throughout the game. They were credited with stopping the German advance on the Soviets right flank as the Sturmoviks attacked a platoon of PzIVHs which failed to stormtroop back to forested cover. And in V3, AA guns are blocked by intervening terrain (e.g.trees) the Sturmoviks came unopposed by AA and managed to destroy 1 of them and bailed out 2 tanks out of 4 tanks. The PzIVH platoon were cleared off in subsequent turns by SU152s firing on them.

The Sturmoviks were also credited in forcing the Tigers to stay in cover most of the time and therefore limit their ROF on the Soviet tanks....and managed to destroy the IC of the Heavy Panzer Company as it straddled the centre objectives despite heavy AA concentration.

The 5 Tigers caused major havoc to Melvin's Tankovy as they adopted a shoot and scoot tactic throughout the game. But their focused fire put to grief the ISU122s and both T34 platoons! (That's a total of about 15 tanks!!) and not too mentioned the SU100 platoon which brings a tally of 20 tanks!!!
In our defence, we had some pretty decent chances to bring down more than 2 Tigers but the dice Gods were not generous...

Turn 1 to Turn 4 - Tank Rumble and Death Charge of Soviet Infantry
The first 4 turns was dominated by long range sniping between German and Soviet tanks which unsurprisingly the Soviets got the short end of the smoking hulks. The Soviet infantry (1st platoon bulked up by the Pioneers, IC and 2IC) and Soviet scouts charged the center objectives but failed in a hail of MG fire and tank shells. They tried three times to remove a German Panzergrenadiers but their support fire was just too much. By turn 4, the Soviet infantry had been wasted away. Tim's PzII Luchs participated in the shootout against my infantry teams but was destroyed by a daring T34/76 rush and the last one was destroyed by the ubiquitous PTRD AT rifle as it tried to challenge the objective on our right flank.
A successful Soviet air attack stopped a PZIVH platoon in its track on their right flank on turn 4.

Turn 5 to Turn 6 - End of Soviet tanks and End Game
By turn 5, most of the Soviet tanks were destroyed and left a few T34/76s, JSU152 and a lone ISU122 clinging around the right and central zones of the board. Tim had started consolidating his Tigers to hold on to his objectives as the points were in his favor.

Final Points
German Victory
Germans Vs Soviets 12:11

Pics from the Game
Soviet Deployment 1 (Right Flank)

Soviet Deployment 2 (Center)

Soviet Deployment 3 (Left Flank)

German Deployment (Soviet Left Flank)

German Deployment (Soviet Right Flank)

T34/85s (Left Flank)

T34/76s (Center)

Soviet Infantry (Right Flank)

PzIVHs on Soviet Right Flank

Panzergrenadiers in half-tracks on center

German deployment (Center)

German deployment (Center) completed with Tigers.

Long range shot victim!

Bloody Hill....caused a whole Soviet infantry company to be decimated. (there were 3 objectives on the mound)

Right Flank being held by Soviet infantry. The PzII Luchs burning were the handiwork of the 37mm AA guns.

The decimation of 1st Soviet Infantry Company...

The work of Red Air Force! PzIVHs burning and bailed out!

German Tigers straddling the objectives.

SU100s trying to gain firing positions.

Lt Rat burned away (right)

T34s decimated by Tiger and StugIIIg fire

SU100s burning after ONE turn of German AT Fire!

Another Tiger burned  away...

These are not smoke's destroyed counters....

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