Saturday, 5 May 2012

Soviet Bear Resurgence Part 6

Painted up my Soviet Mortar platoon.
Equipped with the universal 81mm (or 82mm for the Soviets) mortar, its main purpose is to pin down enemy guns and infantry before the Udarny company charge into close combat.

I'm too used of having two observers for a mortar platoon if I'm playing Germans. So a single observer will crimp my style a bit and worse they have no smoke shells to cover my infantry approach. We shall see their effectiveness in coming battles for the Motherland!

They are equipped with the 82-PM41developed during the Second World War as an infantry battalion mortar, and which begun production in 1941. Design improvements were subordinated to the technological possibilities of production and directed toward the reduction in the weight of mortar, labour expenses of its production and improvement in the manoeuvrability characteristics.

For the purpose of the elimination of deficiencies in the 82-mm mortar Model 1941 its modernisation was carried out during initial production. In the course of production the construction of bipod, wheel and fastening of the sight was changed. The modernised mortar was called 82-mm mortar Model 1943. Due to the initial need to rectify design issues the mortars of 1937 Model continued to be used in the course of World War II and produced alongside with the mortars Models 1941 and 1943.

Due to large numbers of the Model 1937 Mortars being lost early in the war, it is this mortar that served in the Battle for Moscow, Battle of Stalingrad, and Battle of Kursk along with other campaigns, operations and engagements of the first three years of the war. (wikipedia)

Weight 56 kilograms (120 lb)
Length 1.2 metres (3 ft 11 in)
Crew 4
Caliber 82 millimetres (3.2 in)
Elevation 45° to 85°
Traverse 5° to 25° (using traversing mechanism)
Rate of fire 15-25 rpm
Muzzle velocity 211 m/s (690 ft/s)
Maximum range 3,040 m (3,320 yd)
Sights MPB-82

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