Thursday, 24 May 2012

May Tournament List - Kampfgruppen Balck (Part 2)

I was sprucing my army list and decided to present a flavorful army organisation chart to the judges.

I always had been a Grossdeutschland Division fan and impressed with their nickname "The Fuhrer's Fire Brigade" for their actions in the Eastern Front.

I came upon this website which had detailed information about the division from 1939-1945.
You can click HERE for more information on this illustrious division.

I love the fact that they were an Elite Heer unit and usually fought against great odds which captured the typical Eastern Front combat for German units in 1943-1945 (LW).

Without much ado, have a view of Kampfgruppen Balck. (FYI, the officers' names are fictitious names and not related to anybody from the Grossdeutschland division or in any other organisation)

Kampfgruppen Balck, II Battalion of Panzer Regiment "Grossdeutschland" of "Grossdeutschland" Panzergrenadier Division,

The core component of this Kampfgruppen comes from the Panzer regiment and supplemented by the Armoured Reconnaissance (Panzer Scouts), AA Artillery Battalion , Stug Battalion and Division Support in terms of the Nebelwerfers.

Panzer Fist!

Stugs - Panther's AT Support
 The Panthers will act as a long range overwatch unit to kill off any heavy armor.
The Stugs will be utilized to support the Panthers and the PzIVs is simply as anti-infantry or gun support.

Recon is always good to pop ambushes prematurely...Vroom!Vroom!
The Scouts will be used in their Recon role to push back any ambush units and their secondary role to remove any GTG units but again if they survive enemy fire since they will be upfront in their deployment.
On the other hand in V3, Recon troops are able to decide whether to Disengage from enemy fire. Their survivability actually improves in V3 as well since they now have infantry saves! (+3)

Dakka!Dakka! Hopefully....
The 20mm Quad AA half tracks are traditionally deployed since I do expect most players will be using Air during the tournament.

And finally the Rocket Artillery (Nebs) will provide smoke against enemy units or pin down enemy infantry units prior to assault.
Rockets Away!!!

Left two more days to D-Day....

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