Saturday, 2 June 2012

FOW Tournament May 2012 @ SPORECON 2012

Apologies for the long hiatus...I was away to serve up my Nation and managed to get some time off to update my blog since I last updated.

It was a good tournament held at Pasir Ris East Community Centre in conjunction with SPORECON 2012, a yearly convention of board-gaming and miniature gaming. There were other folks in other games such as Warhammer 40K, Settlers of Catan and many more.

So back to the FOW tournament. There's a lot of details which I had try to capture the details...but I guess I will kick off my results.

My List was featured in my previous post HERE.
From Left : Shaun (Strelkovy), Panzerdaddy (Panzer Kompanie), Eddie (Tankovy), Nick (Panzergrenadier Lehr), Raj (Panzer Kompanie), Derek (Organizer/Judge), MIA from this pic, Kieran (Brits Tank) and Melvin (Tankovy)

Good games with Tim and Derek from our local FOW community organizing and judging the games played!

Game1 - Hasty Assault
German Panzer Kompanie (PD) VS Soviet Tankovy (Melvin)
Result : 2:5

Game2 - Encounter
German Panzer Kompanie (PD) VS Soviet Tankovy (Eddie)
Result: 1:1

Game3 - Free For All
German Panzer Kompanie (PD) VS Soviet Strelkovy (Shaun)
Result: 3:2

Lessons Learned

i. Mark I eyes need to eyeball objectives closely and get the dastardly unit within 4 inches of the objectives.
ii. Open terrain is no go for PzIVHs and even Stugs when there are T34/85s are prowling around.
iii. Panthers performed well and had earned Panzer Aces for accumulated kills.
iv. Nebs are just too slow to be deployed in Reserves. Get Air Support next time?
v. Panzer Scouts rock in scout or infantry role. MG-ed a Strelkovy platoon as they rushed across No Man's Land.
vi. Quad AAs are just nice to shoot off pesky Sturmoviks!

Pictures from FOW May 2012 Tournament
Kampfgruppen Balck in May 2012

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