Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Soviet Bear Resurgence Part 5

Completed my Soviet snipers that came with the Udarny Strelkovy boxed set.

Snipers had their rules revamped in V3 which improved their utility rates but with a limited deployment capability. At 50 points per sniper, it's a tad too expensive and you can just pin/kill infantry stands.

But I painted as an added insurance if I need to have a grunt match with another infantry list.

Soviet snipers garnered near mythical heroic image due to the Soviet propaganda in celebrating the brave men and women (there's 2000 women snipers in 1943!).

One of the most common sniper war written about from the Eastern Front was in Stalingrad, where the Soviets deployed their snipers to pick off German officers as well to demoralised the German soldiers besieging them and later when they were surrounded after the Uranus and Mars offensives.

Normally they are armed with the Tokarev SVT40 and the ubiquitous Mosin-Nagant rifles.

For more information. refer to Snipers of the Soviet Union

Quite tempted to add in some shrubbery to emphasise their sniper status

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