Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Flames of War Tournament Singapore Countdown

Here's a FOW update.
My local gaming store (Paradigm Infinitum) has organized a LW FOW tournament come 02 October @ Fusionopolis.

I was dead set in playing Germans but which list? Listing down simple factors :

1. I need rock hard troops. So Fearless or Confident is the way to go.

2. Platoon with many stands. The regular Germans Grenadier platoons has 7 stands. So I need a list which has many stands to absorb losses. And German tank list is usually outnumbered against Allied tank horde armies. So its either German Pioneers or Fallschirmjager army lists.

3. I want troops who can hit well. I have this habit of bad dice rolls during critical phases. So I want to mitigate this problem. So Veterans is the way to go.

4. I played a short game in a Blue on Blue game when my Grenadiers against a Wiking SS List. He fielded 2 flak nests in his list. To cut an exciting AAR short. I am now fascinated with fortification rules. So I decided it is a must to have fortifications in my tournament list.

So I had the choices of :

1. Pioneer Kompanie (PDF)
2. All the funky Earth & Steel lists.
3. All the Bagration sourcebooks.
4. Cassino
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